Ice Sculptures

Ice sculptures provide a beautiful and unique means to add opulence to any event. Ideal for weddings and corporate affairs, ice sculptures easily become the highlight of any reception hall. And at Premier Ice Sculptures, we carve unique designs that are sure to wow you and your guests. Our ice sculpting skills are unparalleled in beauty and execution; we utilize a C&C machine and hard-carving techniques to deliver exceptional pieces that add visual impact.


Highlight any space with a decorative ice sculpture! Our works of ice provide the perfect centerpiece to command the attention of the room. From ice vase sculpture to unique structures, the possibilities are endless.


For any occasion, big or small, we can hand-carve small stunning ice sculpture figurines that perfectly fit the theme and table-scape of your event. From geometric shapes and icons, whatever you have in mind, we can deliver.

& More!

We can craft nearly anything with ice and for any occasion. Popular designs include ice bars and louges to keep drinks chilled as well as initials and logo ice displays.

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