Logos & Initials

One of the most prized and requested ice sculpture designs we create include ice logos and initials. Popular for weddings, we carve names and initials within ice structures for a beautifully personalized effect. We help couples display a token of their love with meaningful ice displays depicting names, letters, and other symbols. The range and level of detail we can achieve are without equal. For corporate clients, our ice sculptures can add impact and marketing appeal through logo ice designs. What better way to present your company logo or school emblem than with a riveting ice creation? Talk with us today about what we can do for you!


Let our team replicate your corporate logo into a stunning ice creation! No matter the level of intricacy, we can incorporate even the most delicate details and add color, too!


Make a bold statement with your initials carved in ice! Great for weddings, we can create an ice sculpture featuring several letters or names interwoven into a decorative design!

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